About the book

A story of a young widow faced with the death of her husband. Suddenly burdened with an overwhelming feeling of pain and loneliness, she struggles to go on living a different life, leaving her friends and the familiar island home. What began as an adventure has turned into a life-changing event for her and her children.

The power of faith empowered her to find strength and courage on her journey through uncertainty.

About the Author

Nancy L. Hale has a master’s degree in education. For over twenty years, she worked as a licensed mental health counselor specializing on grief and trauma. She lives with her loving husband and two wheaten terriers, Maggie and Molly, in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. She takes pleasure in talking with God and reveling in nature while she works in her gardens and watches wild birds in the yard.


On this journey, I have learned a great deal about life, love, and myself. My steps have been slow yet swift, unsteady yet strong. This is about my personal journey that began on March 22, 1974. It is about how my journey took place. Although it is by no means a blueprint for other widows, I am sharing it with others to give them courage and hope on their own journey.

Fear gripped me, as the hot tears flowed down my cheeks onto my borrowed pillow. Somewhere in the darkness of night, I found the strength to pray for courage.

I felt that I was so very alone with this heavy curse to tell these innocent boys that their dad’s body lay shattered and broken on a cold slab at the base hospital morgue. I was alone now . . . As I prayed, I sensed that God was right there holding me. I was alone but not alone.

While the boys slept, I was forced to lean into the silence of loneliness. I wanted to run away from that loneliness, but I couldn’t.

At three in the morning I was awaken from my dream. “Your journey did not end when you married, Ron,” was the message of my dream.

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